About Us

God Bud Solventless Terp Sauce

Established in early 2019, we started off as a small cannabis extractions company with a mission to produce the best concentrates in Canada. The market for premium concentrates is exploding, and our growth along with it. See for yourself why everyone is raving about our craft AAAA concentrates, and you will love our shatter and HTFSE prices as well.

At Nature’s Fire, we are experts with deep combined experience when it comes to producing the best quality clear shatter, HTFSE, Caviar, THCa Diamonds, Terp Sauce, Sugar Wax, Live Resin, and Live Rosin.  We utilize the latest extraction techniques in the industry, and use AAAA top-shelf small batch craft cannabis for all our concentrates.

Why Nature’s Fire Concentrates are the best of the best.

“The best concentrates starts with the best craft cannabis”

We work very closely with our partner The Berlin Flower Co. who are cultivators of the best craft cannabis out of BC. They specialize in the famous Canadian Indica strain "God Bud" and we are very pleased to be able to use this craft AAAA strain for some of our extractions. Additionally, we use The Berlin Flower Company’s other top strains for 80% of our concentrates.

What makes us experts?

The head grower at The Berlin Flower Co. has been growing small batch craft cannabis for over 15 years and is considered at expert in the Canadian cannabis industry. With several first prise awards under his belt from local farmers market competitions.

Nature’s Fire Concentrates Canada are proud to say “We use the best craft flowers to make all our concentrates, including, Shatter, Rosin, Rosin Jam, Sugar Wax, Hash Rosin, Live Resin, THCa Diamonds, Terp Sauce, and more.

Although 80% of our cannabis used to make our concentrates is sourced from The Berlin Flower Co, we still source some flower from other best-known craft cultivators throughout Canada, such as Sacred Garden, Pesci and others. We like to try to diversify our menu as much as possible to give you a nice spectrum of top-quality products.

About our Extractions

How our Shatter is made. What about SAP and Sugar Wax?

All of our Shatter is made from AAA-AAAA+ Craft Cannabis. Many of the strains we use for shatter are grown in house with our partner, Berlin Flower Co. A couple of our staple strains include the legendary Indica, B.C. Godbud, and the mouth-watering Hybrid Papaya Punch.

Our Shatter is made with “Puretane” butane, ensuring a clean product. We use a closed loop system, as well as a de-waxing chamber. Our Vacuum oven is made by Across International. When purging, we use fiberglass Reinforced PTFE Terp proof sheets to ensure nothing leeches into the product. All of our Shatter is purged for at least 120 hours.

We use a very similar method when making our sap and sugar wax, we just skip the de-waxing chamber. Our wax and sap are made in a food grade glass pyrex dish and purged in our Vacuum oven for a minimum of 120 hours.

Our Rosin Jam and Solvent-less THCa Diamonds.

Rosin Jam is made by doing “jar tech” on already pressed flower or hash rosin. Jar Tech is done by simply putting the desired amount of concentrate into a mason jar, sealing it off, and heating it up gradually for a few days. During this time, a few things can happen. One of those things is that a-lot of the fats and lipids get “cooked” out of the product. This results in a much cleaner and tastier product referred to as a rosin jam. Another thing that can happen (90% of the time this will be with hash rosin) is called “Crashing”. This is when THC-A “Diamonds” start to form and fall to the bottom of your jar. This is what is referred to as a “Rosin diamond, or, Solvent-less diamond”, and is highly potent. At Natures Fire, we offer both on the menu

If you ever have any questions about Nature’s Fire, and our extraction methods, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!