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The best concentrates starts with the best craft cannabis. You won’t be disappointed!

Our Story

Established in early 2019, we started off as a small cannabis extractions company with a mission to produce the best concentrates in Canada. The market for premium concentrates is exploding, and our growth along with it. See for yourself why everyone is raving about our craft AAAA concentrates, and you will love our shatter and HTFSE prices as well.

At Nature’s Fire, we are experts with deep combined experience when it comes to producing the best quality clear shatter, HTFSE, Caviar, THCa Diamonds, Terp Sauce, Sugar Wax, Live Resin, and Live Rosin.  We utilize the latest extraction techniques in the industry, and use AAAA top-shelf small batch craft cannabis for all our concentrates.  

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Wholesale Concentrates Canada

Not only do we sell our concentrates online by the gram, in mix and match variety packs, and in bulk. We also sell in wholesale, we’re talking wholesale shatter Canada,  wholesale rosin, wholesale resin, and everything else.